■  快適な着心地



■  安心の品質

犬服の製造方法を熟知された、国内のベテラン縫製工場さんにて縫製をお願いしております。 縫製技術はもちろんの事、安全性においても全数検査・検針を標準としていただいておりますので、自信を持って商品をお届けさせて頂いております。


■  愛犬はフレンチブルドッグ


Our confidence in products



When choosing dog’s outfits, you may worry if the outfit is comfortable to your dog. We use quite stretchy materials for our clothes so as to make it easier for your dogs to move vigorously. Polyurethane, very stretchy material often used for swimsuits & stockings, will stretch nicely along dog’s body as they jump, run & crawl. We hope your sweet dogs feel comfortable with our clothes.



An experienced sewing company is in charge of sewing process. In addition to their skills & knowledge based on years of sewing experience, their 100% inspection process assures the safety & reliability of our products. We have a confidence in the quality of our clothes.



I live with one male cute French bulldog named “De Niro”. (That nicely flattened face is very adorable.) Every movement he makes gives me so many ideas for new items. I believe that the more I get to know about him the more satisfaction there can be in our customers. We hope we can make more & more items to your satisfaction.

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